Animal Support

Animal Support was founded by Julian Omidi and his brother Michael Omidi, M.D. who are all life-long animal welfare advocates. Motivated by the multitude of issues associated with pet over-population and mistreatment, the founders created this organization to educate the public on the issue, support animal protection and adoption services, and promote spay and neuter laws.

What is Animal Abuse?

Animal abuse is the neglect or harm an animal suffers from its owner. When animals are victims of abuse, they are powerless to either stop it or report it. Whether it be providing the animals with insufficient food, water, and living conditions or purposely harming the animal. While direct violence towards animals appears a more serious issue for pets, traditionally neglect is the number one cause of death for animals that are abused, due to starvation and dehydration. Consistently, people who are guilty of animal abuse have mental and or emotional problems that can grow into violence towards other people and family members.

It is our hope at to sponsor a network of resources dedicated to animal protection, rescue and adoption. Please join us in our goal of ending animal abuse by recommending charities and organizations that fight to stop this horrific practice.

Animal Abuse Statistics

It is estimated that, in the United States, there are approximately 2,000 cases of animal cruelty, neglect and abandonment every year.  While these numbers reflect a portion of incidents of abuse by private pet owners, these statistics do not necessarily include the questionable treatment of animals by under-regulated enterprises such as pet stores, zoos, circuses and farms.

reported animal abuse cases per year

  • 13% of animal abuse is domestic violence
  • Around 3 to 4 million dogs and cats are are euthanized every year in animal shelters.
  • 70% of animal abusers have records of other crimes unrelated to animal abuse.

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Help Stop Animal Abuse

There are many ways you can help fight the cruel act of animal abuse, by providing donations to animal abuse charities, adopting pets from rescue shelters, and spreading awareness animal abuse.

Charities and Animal Shelters

  • ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals):

Animal Support does not accept donations, but rather encourages support be offered directly to the respective charities.